The beginning of the project songwriting goes back to the year 97, we would say in a post-teen period with a marked initial influence of Silvio Rodriguez and Pedro Guerra. Those early years were characterized by university work with Oscar Mateos and "Lautapiando" band and the composition of the first songs that would lead to the recording of first two demos (2001 and 2003). Since 2003 Chucho decides to work alone and prepares self-publishing and self-production (in its entirety) of his first album:

"Venga a nosotros tu Utopía" of which 1,000 copies were published. Following the presentation of this work at the Apolo of Barcelona in 2005 started a period of intense activity
presentations in theaters and locals of Barcelona 
(Casa Elizalde, Sala Sidecar,  

Harlem Jazz Club, Sala Zac-Club) and Madrid (Búho Real, Rincón del arte nuevo..).  


The solo performances or quartet format
in an increasingly afro latin line are diversified with shows where combines trova songwriting with the first poems and an approach to the world of electronic bases in line with its fervent monitoring the work of Jorge Drexler.

In 2007 the recording of his second album arises in quartet format, but finally he decided to record a more acoustic material combined with own poetry.

This repertoire finally does not  appears publically preferring the author expect to have a stronger and greater prospects for marketing and promotion proposal.


2001 - 2003

 CD  -   2005


From 2008 to 2012 takes place a period of meditation and rest wherein the composition of song yields to poetic creation, audiovisual projects and from Chucho's foray in the field of teaching. From 2012 to the present Chucho returns to the stage and develops a richer and more mature show exploring the field of recording live loops, playing their songs and covers, accompanying the dance of Argentina dancer Eva Yufra and also making foray into Latin-american folklore playing covers of great artists of the latin song on a unprecedented visual spectacle.