¿Educator while Professor?

A face more of the polyhedron is my side in the field of education.

Since university times where explained math lessons to future engineers, through guitar lessons, Latin dance and especially in recent years my involvement as a professor of secondary public education in Catalonia.


In a constantly recycling process and assuming pedagogical education as a nothing obvious challenge with new generations of students who have grown in a digital era and with over-stimulated information.


Trying to make mathematics a tool to develop logical reasoning, an opportunity to learn how to order ideas, to structure thinking and both a science that allows us to solve some of the needs of our day. Persevering demystify the idea of ​​maths as a boring and unapproachable matter.

In conclusion taking advantage of the privilege of sharing a few hours a week with teenagers to learn with them and from them and at the same time to share and grow with respect and solidarity.

You can view here the various proposals for workshops and activities for schools and colleges. If you click above each tab you can view it better. You also have here the dossier with all the information in one document.