Workshops salsa and Latin dances

Since 2013 I am combining my teaching experience with my passion for Latin music and dance teaching several groups of boys and girls initially at the Centre de Barri de la Verneda and currently Ateneu Rosa de Foc from Vila de Gràcia, the ateneu Harmonia de Sant Andreu, Espai de veu and the Casal de Barri de Font d'en Fargues in Horta.

I offer pleasant classes in which we aim that dancers enjoy the music, enjoy the movement of his body, enjoy the shared energy group dance, with the primary goal to make them able to master the steps and figures, to savor them and avoiding exhibitionism and dynamics in which it is explain and show too much information that novice student can not dominate or assimilate.

Nice atmosphere classes starting from Cuban salsa rhythms also exploring the Colombian Cali and essential styles of Latin tropical music (bachata, merengue and cha-cha-cha).

Come to taste the salsoterapia. Saborrrr ...... !!

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